A Global Footprint In The Right Direction

“Charles, has your review of the U.S. Census Schedule B website been going well?  I know we covered it in our last conversation, but do you have any additional questions I might be able to help you with?” “As a matter of fact Chris, I do have some questions,” responds Charles.  In the background, some […]

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The Start Of A Harmonious Relationship

“So Chris, as I told you the last time we spoke, I am ready to learn how to get ready to go international. But where should I start?” asks Charles Verseau, owner of a Los Angeles-based company that manufactures high-quality saxophones. “Charles, since you are not currently exporting, we will need to start from scratch […]

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Are You Ready To Go International?

My good friend, Charles Verseau, owns a small manufacturing company in Los Angeles where he produces high-quality saxophones.  Not the “5th grade, throw-it-in-the-back-of-the-school-bus-and-go-to-band-camp” variety, but the kind you would expect Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, or Dexter Gordon to produce genius on. He does pretty well, considering the state of the U.S. economy and the demand […]

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