What areas of my business should I consider when assessing the impact of “going global”?

The biggest challenge to successfully doing business internationally is lack of management commitment. Many times, international sales are treated as “gravy” to domestic sales which may currently make up the bulk of revenue. Boards of Directors and Executives can be skeptical when asked for resources to be committed to unproven revenue streams.

Fallingwater Consulting Group can help address the areas of your business that may be impacted when building your international footprint:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Product / Service
  • Supply Chain Operations
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Human Resources

By building a strategy that properly considers these areas, your case for “going global” in a more proactive manner will have a better chance for success. Ultimately, it’s about gaining management commitment to international business development by:

  • Understanding the value to the business as a whole
  • Accepting that there are differences between domestic and international
  • Having a strategy
  • Committing resources
  • Being flexible
  • Having patience

What is your methodology?

It depends on the project, but in general we conduct an initial exploratory meeting with the prospective client in order to understand the organization, the issue(s) to be addressed and where we believe we can add value. There may be a subsequent meeting to obtain further details before our proposal is developed and presented to the prospective client.

Upon moving forward with a project, we touch base with the client regularly, usually once every two weeks or more frequently if the client prefers.

How do you charge for your services?

We are flexible and will work with our clients in the manner they prefer. Fallingwater Consulting Group typically recommends a project-based fee or retainer arrangement, which provides both parties with clarity on expectations and deliverables.

How do we decide which international markets to focus on?

There is indeed a “method to the madness” in the way a company should look at the international markets they intend to focus on. The process involves a gathering of various economic, industry and product-specific data and indicators, and then a harmonization, weighting and ranking of that data for analysis purposes.

This process can be best described as parts art, experience and science, and one that Fallingwater Consulting Group can greatly assist with given our over 20 years experience in international trade.

In what industries and/or market segments does Fallingwater Consulting Group have experience?

Our experience spans a range of industries in B2B, B2C and B2G channels. Industrial Safety, MRO, First Responder, Aerospace & Defense, Medical, Packaging & Logistics and Specialty Sporting Goods are just some of the market segments in which we have experience.

Why should I hire a professional consultant when I can easily go on Google or Bing and find the information I am looking for, sometimes at no cost?

There are indeed powerful online tools, search engines and databases that can be accessed with a push of a button, and some of these sources of information can be quite helpful.

However, the value of working with a professional advisor such as Fallingwater Consulting Group is the difference between data, or information, and knowledge. One may have access to an owner’s manual, aircraft tools and a hangar, but that does not mean one should be repairing jet engines.

What sets Fallingwater Consulting Group apart from other consultants?

Consultants run the gamut from the large, “name brand” consulting companies (with corresponding prices) to the unemployed person who became a “consultant” until he/she finds his/her next job.

In addition, there exist consultants who claim to be subject-matter experts in all areas and can effectively consult on any range of given topics.

Fallingwater Consulting Group does not fall into these categories. We are a “boutique” advisory firm that is very focused. Our expertise is international business development and strategy. We target small to mid-size product manufacturing companies as our ideal client because that is where our experience is. If we cannot help you, we will be the first to say so and make sure that we refer you to an expert who can.

We add value to our clients by helping them take advantage of international business opportunities more effectively and efficiently than they would without engaging us.

Can Fallingwater Consulting Group help us with U.S. business development and strategy projects as well?

Yes. In fact, several of our clients have been impressed with the methodology and results from our international projects that they have engaged us in their domestic business development and strategy needs as well.

Our extensive experience working for and with U.S. companies has given us an expert understanding of the business culture and expectations they have, and that helps build trust and credibility.

We are already doing a substantial amount of international trade but could use a “fresh look” at our strategy. Can you help?

Yes. Our clients range from companies that don’t currently engage in international business and need help building a program “from scratch”, to clients who have been more reactionary in their international trade and want a more proactive, strategic approach, to those who have a robust overseas business and want more focused assistance such as opening up an office, warehouse or further penetrating distribution channels and targeting key accounts.

Our organization needs international help in areas outside of business development, such as HR, IT and Legal. Can Fallingwater Consulting Group help?

Yes. While our expertise and focus is international business development and strategy, we have a strong network of trusted professionals with expertise in these, and other, functional areas. This is part of the value we bring to our clients, so that they can spend less time on finding help and more focus on running their business.

Do you guarantee your work?

We guarantee the quality of our work and make sure our clients are satisfied, as evidenced by their testimonials. Fallingwater Consulting Group is a member of several professional consulting organizations and we adhere to strict ethical standards.

How do we get started working with Fallingwater Consulting Group?

Easy! Please call or email us at your convenience and we will be happy to learn more about your business and discuss how we can help.