Fallingwater Consulting Group has over 20 years experience in international trade. We add value to organizations by helping them go global in a more systematic, proactive and efficient way to gain the benefits of international business activity:

Increased Sales & Profits

There is an obvious advantage to looking beyond one’s own borders for business opportunities. With 95% of the world’s population outside the U.S., money is being left on the table by not pursuing those opportunities.

Diversification of Risk

Just as a wise investor spreads risk across multiple investments and time horizons, a wise organization should not “have all of its eggs in one basket” by focusing on a single geographic market, segment or customer.

Product Life Extension

While some products may have reached the end of their lifecycle in the U.S. market, those same products may offer excellent sales opportunities in less developed international markets

Cost Advantages

It may make sense for a company to implement overseas purchasing, warehousing, assembly or manufacturing to lower costs and gain a more competitive position in the market.

Global Economies of Scale

By effectively and strategically pursuing international opportunities, brand equity, supply chain, human resources, finance and IT infrastructure can be leveraged at a greater advantage to the overall business.


Fallingwater Consulting Group can bring value to you through our international trade expertise in these areas:

Strategy & Business Development

  • Strategic Planning
  • Geographic & Industry Segment Prioritization
  • Channel Partner Strategy & Qualification
  • Cultural Factors
  • Legal & Financial Issues
  • HR & IT Considerations
  • Pricing
  • Negotiation & Representation

Market Research

  • Geographic Data
  • Market Segment Data
  • Distribution Channel Structure
  • Channel Partner Search
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Regulatory & Product Approvals
  • Advertising, Public Relations & Trade Events